1 May, 2017
17 April, 2017
Located in the street of the House of the Caballería, a well-connected family with the Knights Templar who took over part of this street properties in the fourteenth century.

This development, which stands out for its unique beauty and careful design, is a building located in the historical centre of Palma, a few meters away from Jaime III and San Jaime; a urban paradise located in a neighbourhood surrounded by monuments, culture and a wide array of leisure options.

Its high-quality systems, combined with the characteristic elegance of its surroundings, make the 8 properties constituting our Can Cavallería development an idyllic place to live.

Regarding this development, special attention should be drawn to its Penthouse, a 335-square-meter property that also features 180 square meters of sunny terraces with clear views of the Palma Cathedral.